Brigette has a B.S. in English and M.F.A. in creative writing. She has more than 5 years of higher-ed teaching experience and has tutored graduate students, elementary students and every age in between. She helps students read with efficiency and intention and focuses on helping students understand their unique writing process. Perhaps most importantly, she shows students how to find interest and even enjoyment in reading and writing, activities that many struggle to love, with a goal of applying that engagement to an academic setting.

Brigette offers tutoring services throughout Northern Nevada, including Carson City, Reno/Sparks, Tahoe and Gardnerville/Minden. Read more about her tutoring philosophy here.

Tutoring Services

  • One-on-one hourly rates—$50/hour
  • Hourly group rates–$35/hour for 2 students, $30/hour for 3 students, $25/hour for 4 students (parents usually arrange groups)
  • Writing Project—$500 (10 hours @ $50/hour)
  • Reading Project–$500 (10 hours @ $50/hour)
  • Reading & Writing Project combined—$750 (15 @ $50/hour)

(group rates for reading and/or writing projects available on request)

Writing tutoring—I am available to work with students on an hourly basis on assignments for school. I also offer a writing project-based tutoring program. Over the course of the program the student produces a non-academic piece of writing, decided on based on student interest. Over the course of a series of appointments I work with the student to complete the project and discuss writing process as I assess the student’s writing.

At the completion of the writing project I provide a detailed Academic Writing Plan, which includes assessment and suggestions for applying the student’s unique writing process in an academic setting.

Reading tutoring—I also work on an hourly basis for reading sessions and offer a reading project-based program. The reading program uses a “book group” to discuss reading assignments. The reading project offers a variety of note-taking methods, which model academic citation and provide a foundation that will serve students through university study.

The reading project culminates in a writing project that the student selects from a list of options and I provide an Academic Reading Plan including assessment and suggestions for applying the reading techniques in an academic setting.

For more information or to schedule tutoring services e-mail me at brigettegp@gmail.com or call me at (804) 873-4210.


I am an Occupational Therapist and the majority of kids I see lately struggle with executive functioning; they are smart but can’t get their thoughts on the page.  My eighth grade son struggled with this problem as well, so after trying all the tricks up my sleeve I decided to look “outside the box.”  Brigette made writing fun for him! She had strategies he could use that completely changed the way he organized his thoughts and helped him navigate and create a storyline into a true work of art.  He now has the confidence to write about subjects that aren’t motivating or fun for him and he he uses his strategies on a daily basis.  She was fun, gave ideas but also encouraged him to come up with strategies of his own.  Starting the writing process, whether adult or child, is half the battle.  All it took was one very fun and creative story and he now sees himself as a writer as opposed to someone who isn’t good at writing.  The common core of education now requires writing for all subjects including math, science, history and social studies.  If your child is bright and can grasp the content it doesn’t matter if they can’t effectively communicate their knowledge; Brigette helped my son do this.  She provides a different approach to writing than what has been taught in school (at least for my kids) and even knew how to make writing fun!